Looking to sell your centre?

A simple process

We’ll guide you through our process to see if there’s a match.


Get in touch

Send through a brief description of your centre/s and where it is.

Sign NDA

So we can discuss details in full, both parties sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) prior to beginning Due Diligence


We have a list of items on our pre-appraisal form for you to complete to determine if your centre/s is a good fit for us.

Draft Agreement

An agreement is negotiated and drafted based on the financial information provided.

Due Diligence

We provide a list of all material required to move forward with the sale.


At the end of the contract period, the centre/s will settle and we'll work with you to integrate with the team and welcome them to the Embark family.

We're always looking for new centre opportunities

Fill out the form with some brief information about your centre and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunity.